Dying Light 2 Patch (1.04) Adds DLSS Improvements and Other Fixes

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Image: Techland

Techland has released a new patch for Dying Light 2 to add improvements for DLSS and other fixes for the long-awaited sequel. The DLSS implementation has been said to suffer from blurring and ghosting issues that often plague titles at release. The improvements are aimed at improving them, but it’s been reported that they do still persist. Other fixes include the ability to now rebind mouse buttons, but Techland has said it is still working on a solution for extra mouse buttons along with some of the game-crashing bugs.

Patch v1.04 Released (Steam)

Hello Survivors!

Patch 1.04 for PC is LIVE on Steam and EGS. We’ve added the following fixes. The remaining tweaks are being worked on. Thank you for your patience!

Patch Notes

  • fixed various game crashing bugs
  • fixed AI dead body replication in co-op
  • added DLSS improvements
  • fixed issue when players couldn’t sell valuables to vendor
  • fixed artifacts being sometimes visible on some AMD cards
  • fixed mouse key binding options (meaning: you should be allowed to rebind your mouse buttons, we are still working on an additional implementation for extra mouse buttons)

Further tweaks are being looked at as well, and presumably one will include fixing the game so it can be played. A quick glance at the thread for the patch shows quite a few PC players, who after the update, are still unable to even play the game. The images below show only a small fraction of those who have reported on it either crashing at startup or simply not being able to get past the start screen. Presently, there are at least five pages in the threads posted in the last 18 hours since the patch has launched with people reporting on these issues, and they are continuing to grow. Some have even said that after the update, they too are now unable to play the game.

Techland has consistently been very responsive to its fans via its Discord channel and presumably is already hard at work in resolving these and other reported bugs.

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