AMD Ryzen 7000 Series “Zen 4” Processors Expected to Launch in Q3 2022

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AMD hasn’t provided a launch date for its Ryzen 7000 Series “Zen 4” CPUs yet beyond the promise that they’ll show up somewhere within the second half of 2022, but Greymon55 seems to have a better picture of when they might be available to enthusiasts. According to the leaker, AMD will launch its next-generation processors before Q4, indicating a Q3 release based on the time frame that AMD has shared thus far. The launch date for the Ryzen 7000 Series will also seemingly be announced during Computex, which takes place from May 24 to May 27 this year. Greymon55 additionally shared that AM5 motherboards will enter production soon, possibly as early as this month.

AMD Ryzen 7000 β€˜Zen 4’ CPUs Coming Earlier Than Expected, Rumors Point To Computex Announcement, Early Q3 Launch (Wccftech)

  • What could happen is we get more information and details at Computex but AMD announces a more concrete launch date in its presentation pointing to either July or August 2022 as the official retail launch of its Ryzen 7000 lineup.
  • AMD’s AM5 platform brings a range of new features and also a new LGA 1718 socket that will feature the support for the new Zen 4 chips. This would also mean that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7 5800X3D will have a short life span of just a few months before it gets replaced by a better Zen 4 based option.
  • […] why the early launch? Well AMD might’ve felt the heat from Intel’s recent 12th Gen Alder Lake lineup which has taken the gaming performance, efficiency, and value crown from team red. Intel is also planning to unveil its 13th Gen Raptor Lake lineup around Q3 2022 which is further going to extend their lead and AMD doesn’t want to let Intel have any leverage on them or Zen 4 as such, could have pushed the launch ahead.
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