Minisforum Unveils AMD Ryzen Mini PC That Supports External GPUs

Image: Minisforum

Minisforum, a manufacturer that specializes in ultra-compact-form-factor (UCFF) systems, has introduced a new AMD B550 mini PC that includes support for external, full-sized graphics cards. This is made possible by an expansion dock, which can be plugged into the system’s external PCIe 3.0 x16 connector to enable bigger and more powerful GPU solutions. A 19-volt PSU for powering external graphics cards is included in the bundle.

Image: Minisforum

Minisforum releases mini PC based on B550 chipset, supports 65W Ryzen processor and full-length discrete graphics (cnBeta)

  • This is their most powerful design yet, supporting AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs with up to 12 cores.
  • The selection of CPUs will include Ryzen 5000G APUs and Ryzen 5000X CPUs with TDPs up to 65W.
  • The motherboard also has two M.2 2280 SSD slots that support NGFF SATA and NVMe PCIe3.0.
  • There’s no word yet on pricing or a release date for the MINISFORUM B550 mini PC, which should be around $899 to $999 for the base configuration.
  • Users will need to purchase the CPU, GPU, PSU and storage devices themselves.

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