The Division Heartland Leak Reveals Game Modes, Map Details, and More

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Ubisoft hasn’t said much about The Division Heartland since its announcement back in May 2021, but Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson has exposed some of the free-to-play shooter’s purported game modes, map details, enemies, and other details in a new exclusive report.

According to Henderson, The Division Heartland features at least two modes, the primary one being “Storm,” a PvPvE mode that challenges players to survive, loot, and extract from Silver Creek, the game’s massive, virus-contaminated map. “Excursion,” The Division Heartland’s other mode, is a PvE mode that is designed to prepare players for Storm.

Serving as the game’s central hub is the Base of Operations, an abandoned ice rink that allows players to customize loadouts, sell weapons, select daily and weekly missions, and more. It even features a small arcade with older Ubisoft games, although it’s unclear whether they will be playable or not.

Henderson suspects that The Division Heartland will be released by March 2023.

EXCLUSIVE: The Division Heartland game modes revealed, map details, enemies and more (Xfire)

Base of Operations (BOO)

At the BOO, you can craft upgrades to your weapons and “Prep Items”. Prep Items are self-explanatory, but they are items you can take with you into a match in order to get an advantage. There is currently four Prep Items in the game.

  • Insertion Point – Allows you to choose a specific insertion point when joining a match.
  • Stash Box – Used for storing consumables and crafting materials in game.
  • Buff Tower – Currently unknown description.
  • Extractor Pod – Currently unknown description.

Characters and Classes

There is currently six individual characters to choose from in The Division Heartland, three male and three female. Apart from their appearance though, nothing else distinguishes them.

Weapon Expert

  • Talents: “tracking shot” – Enemies are marked after damaging them with a firearm, lasts 5 seconds. “shared armor kit” – Armor kits repair your armor as well as nearby teammates/friendlies.
  • Perk: Covert Armor


  • Talents: “Health Recovery” – Restore Health after being in cover for a short time. “shared health kit” same as above but for health.
  • Perk: covert Melee.


  • Talents: “Loot detection” – Crouching highlights nearby unopened loot crates. ” shared filter” as above but for filters.
  • Perk: Covert cover.

As you would expect with any The Division game, Heartland features AI enemies called “Vultures”. There’s currently six different types of vultures in the game, each with different attributes. These six types of Vultures are named Flanker, Grunt, Heavy, Sharps, Hooter, and Technician.

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