MSI Goes Green: Motherboards Will No Longer Come with Manuals or Other Paper Materials

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Image: MSI

MSI has announced that going forward, its motherboards will no longer come packaged with user manuals, product catalogs, fliers, and the other usual paper attachments that one might find upon lifting open the box.

According to MSI’s press release, this is being done strictly for environmental reasons, but that hasn’t stopped some of the manufacturer’s biggest critics from claiming that this is just a clever attempt by the company to disguise what is actually a cost-cutting measure in a way that garners positive rather than negative PR. In any case, enthusiasts should be able to find all of the information they need from digital manuals and other online sources.

Next Step for Environmental Protection, MSI Motherboards will Remove Paper Attachments (MSI)

MSI is committed to mitigating the environmental impacts of its business activities through green production and supply chain management. We have invested actively into improving energy consumption, waste reduction and chemical substance control in response to climate change risk.

For better energy saving, carbon reduction and to protect trees, MSI motherboards will remove the unnecessary paper attachments in the future, which includes Reward Program, Shout Out Flyer, Product Catalog and User Manual. In spite of the removal of these paper appendices, users can find all the information in digital format, no matter via MSI website, QR code on color box, or digital manual.

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