Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode Showcased in Nearly One Hour of Leaked Footage

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Image: 343 Industries

343 Industries has yet to release its Forge Mode for Halo Infinite, but there’s growing indication that the latest iteration of the fan-favorite gameplay mode will be bigger than ever when it finally ships.

A big chunk of that comes courtesy of a new video shared by YouTube channel Unseen Halo, which comprises nearly an hour of leaked footage for a prototype version of Halo Infinite’s upcoming Forge Mode. As expected, the latest version of Forge will prompt Halo gamers to flex their imagination and creativity by giving them the tools to create and edit multiplayer maps, but unlike previous iterations, 343 Industries appears to have doubled down on the amount of assets and options that players will have to toy with, setting forth a Forge experience that’s more expansive than ever.

The leaked footage of Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode is presumably legit, as the footage originates from data-mining accounts that had correctly predicted additions to Halo Infinite long before their official announcements, such as new features for the shooter’s multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, Joseph Staten, head of creative for Halo Infinite, had hinted in a tweet from earlier this month that Forge Mode might release even later than anticipated.

Halo Infinite Community Goes Nuts Over Leaked Forge Mode (Kotaku)

  • Based on the footage, you can seemingly deploy a Library of Alexandria’s worth of Halo Infinite campaign assets, everything from Forerunner structures to decorative anti-aircraft cannons to those enigmatic mini-Halos you see all around Zeta Halo. There are also glacier objects—curious, seeing as Halo Infinite’s campaign didn’t have any ice-themed levels.
  • A Discord server dedicated to viewing leaked and data-mined assets from Halo Infinite also shows vehicles not currently pilotable in the multiplayer mode, like Halo: Reach’s kickass sabre. Other clips spotlighted sillier objects, like a gingerbread house and a snowman, which looks comically out of place on the desert-based Behemoth level.
  • That’s all in addition to presumably cosmetic effects, stuff like fireflies, floating energy orbs, holograms of the galaxy, and—this one’s my favorite—a billboard starring a Spartan hawking an energy drink called “Gauss.”
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