Samsung Odyssey G8QNB: 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor with QD-OLED Panel and Burn-In Protection

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Image: Samsung

Alienware’s claim of the AW3423DW being the world’s first Quantum Dot OLED gaming monitor is being contested by the first teasers for the Odyssey G8QNB, a new display that Samsung has also coincidentally dubbed “the world’s first Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) gaming monitor.”

As detailed by the Consumer Technology Association, which highlighted the product for being one of its CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees, Samsung’s Odyssey G8QNB is a 34-inch gaming monitor that will feature a curved (1800R) UWQHD (3440 x 1440) QD-OLED panel, enabling a level of image quality should blow away the usual alternatives (e.g., IPS and VA). Pricing or dates of availability are unknown, but the blurb can confirm that the G8QNB will feature refresh rates of up to 175 Hz and a response time as low as 0.1 ms.

According to a report by FlatpanelsHD, the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB will have burn-in protection in the form of Real-time ISC (Image Sticking Correction). Samsung has reportedly claimed that its QD-OLED panels are less likely to suffer from permanent image retention than LG’s WOLED.

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB 34” Gaming Monitor (2022)

  • The ultra-slim Samsung Odyssey G8QNB 34” Gaming Monitor will be the world’s first Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) gaming monitor, offering the best of both QLED and OLED screen technology. With high-performance features like a 175Hz refresh rate and 0.1ms response time, Odyssey G8QNB will give gamers a competitive edge. The 1800R curvature offers an immersive experience of this ultra-wide quad high definition (UWQHD) resolution display with vivid colors. It’s also the world’s slimmest gaming monitor, being as thin as 5.9mm, allowing it to fit in with any gaming setup, while also offering smart features around gaming, entertainment and productivity.

Samsung’s first QD-OLED monitor: What we know about the 34″ Odyssey G8QNB (FlatpanelsHD)

  • The panel has burn-in protection in the form of Real-time ISC (Image Sticking Correction) and Samsung Display claims that the burn-in risk is lower with QD-OLED than with LG Display’s WOLED.
  • In addition, it will come with built-in smart features relating to gaming, entertainment and productivity.
  • When and how much? We wouldn’t be surprised to see the 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G8QNB come in at around the same price or possibly less than the Dell Alienware AW3423DW, which will launch this quarter for $1299.
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