Intel Promises Double-Digit Performance Boost for 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” CPUs, Up to 24 Cores and 32 Threads

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Image: Intel

As part of this week’s Investors Meeting 2022 event, Intel shared some exciting new details regarding its next generation of desktop processors.

Code named “Raptor Lake,” Intel’s 13th Gen Core processors will boast up to a double-digit performance boost, according to a slide from the company that confirms the new chips are being built on the Intel 7 process node and will leverage a hybrid architecture just like the current Alder Lake generation. Raptor Lake CPUs will be compatible with the current LGA 1700 socket, and the family will be headlined by a flagship SKU with 24 cores and 32 threads.

As noted by an Intel employee who demoed the chip during yesterday’s investors event, the 13th Gen Core flagship will feature 8 performance cores and 16 efficiency cores, double the amount of efficiency cores in the Core i9-12900K. The first Raptor Lake desktop CPUs are expected to launch in the second half of 2022, followed by at least three more lake generations that include Meteor Lake (2023), Arrow Lake (2024), and Lunar Lake (2024+).

Image: Intel

Intel about Raptor Lake, Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake (HardwareLuxx)

  • Meteor Lake is to be manufactured in Intel 4 – but that much was already known beforehand. Intel uses a compute tile, a SoC tile and a GPU tile for the tile design. The Meteor Lake processors are expected to hit the market in 2023.
  • Arrow Lake will be the first design to use Intel 20A in manufacturing. In addition, there is at least one tile that is manufactured externally in N3 at TSMC. However, tiles from external production will also be used. The integrated GPU is said to achieve “discrete graphics-class performance.” Arrow Lake is scheduled to follow in 2024.
  • For Lunar Lake, Intel will continue to rely on a combination of internal and external manufacturing. Intel is currently planning 18A and external production that is not specified further.
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