Intel Motherboard Revenue Finally Surpasses AMD at Major German Retailer

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Intel appears to be doing a decent job of drawing enthusiasts back to its desktop computing solutions, according to recent data from Mindfactory, one of Germany’s largest electronics retailers.

As spotted by @TechEpiphany and Tom’s Hardware, Intel motherboards managed to bring in €234,656 (53%) at Mindfactory this week versus AMD, whose motherboards brought in a lesser €208,236 (47%). While this isn’t the biggest difference, it remains significant in that Intel’s motherboard revenue has failed to surpass AMD’s for many years at the German retailer.

Previous sales data from Mindfactory had shown how the majority of its customers overwhelmingly prefer AMD, with Ryzen processors comprising over 70 percent of the retailer’s chip sales over the summer last year. AM4 motherboards also continue to sell in higher amounts than Intel’s alternatives, according to this week’s data (1,590 vs. 1,360).

Major German Retailer Charts Intel Motherboard Sales Surge (Tom’s Hardware)

  • We have put together a quick table to try and establish some comparisons, to sketch trend lines roughly. As well as the AMD and Intel jostling, you can see various Intel architectures battle over the wallets of PC enthusiasts, gamers, and other keen DIYers.
  • Firstly, Intel’s total units sold for the weeks charted were 670, 800, and 1350, respectively. In units sold, Intel is still, therefore, lagging AMD. Still, Intel’s momentum may continue to win the numbers race, especially as more mainstream and entry-level solutions arrive – an area where AMD hasn’t proliferated processors in its current generation.
  • Secondly, Intel’s average selling prices (ASPs) were €133, €182, and €173, respectively. Meanwhile, AMD motherboard ASPs were €129, €128, and €131, respectively.
Type2021 Week 372021 Week 512022 Week 07
Total units sold282021502950
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