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Benchmarks for the Radeon 680M, the iGPU leveraged by AMD’s 8C/16T Ryzen 6000 Series mobile processors, have been shared by an engineer working for Lenovo’s Notebook Division in China, and they suggest that the RDNA 2 graphics solution compares quite favorably to competitors that include NVIDIA’s GeForce MX450 GPU and the Intel Core i5-12500H’s Iris Xe Graphics G7. AMD’s Radeon 680M iGPU offers greater performance than green team’s discrete solution, according to the 3DMark Fire Strike and Time Spy tests, while 1080p gaming benchmarks show that it can either beat or come fairly close to the competition in a handful of modern titles. The performance of AMD’s less powerful Ryzen 6000 Series iGPU, the Radeon 660M, is also demonstrated in these tests.

AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Mobile Processor Review (Machine Translation) (Zhuanlan)

3DMark Theoretical Performance

Image: Zhuanlan
  • In terms of 3DMark theoretical performance test, the R7 6800H’s Radeon 680M core display performance is very bright, far ahead of the big cup MX450, and the Time Spy graphics score is almost double that of the previous generation R7 . The performance of the Radeon 660M of the 6CU R5 6600H that I was worried about earlier also exceeded my expectations. The running score is basically the same as Intel’s Iris Xe 96EU, ahead of the 80EU i5-12500H.

1080P Game Test

Image: Zhuanlan
Image: Zhuanlan
  • Compared with the previous generation R9 5900HS and i7-11370H, the R5 6600H has already surpassed, and the R7 6800H has expanded the lead to more than 50%.
Image: Zhuanlan
  • The Fire Strike score of the previous generation Iris Xe 96EU was on par with the MX450, but the actual gaming performance was just over the MX350. The phenomenon of artificially high core display running points also exists on AMD, but because the running points are far ahead of the MX450, the actual game performance still surpasses the MX450.
Image: Zhuanlan
  • It can be seen that the Iris Xe is more serious in terms of artificially high running scores. The R5 6600H, whose graphics running score is slightly weaker than the i7-12700H, has completed the reversal in the actual game. Compared with the i5-12500H, the R7 6800H leads by more than 88%, which is an exaggerated level.

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