Uncharted Takes Top Spot at the Domestic Box Office with $44.2 Million despite Poor Reviews

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Image: Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures released its live-action adaptation of Uncharted in U.S. theaters this Friday, and although the movie has received plenty of awful reviews from critics thus far, the live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog’s adventure franchise still managed to win big at the domestic box office this weekend, capturing an impressive $44.2 million and exceeding early expectations. Uncharted initially premiered to Barcelona audiences earlier this month and has since made nearly $140 million worldwide, but the movie has a Tomatometer score of just 39%, having been described by many critics as a generic adaptation with various faults that include poor CG. Many also seem to feel that Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, who play Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, respectively, were miscast.

Spidey Star Tom Holland Does Double Duty As ‘Uncharted’ Takes The Top Spot With $51 Million Over President’s Day Weekend (Box Office Mojo)

  • Pulling in a hair less than $44.2 million between Friday and Sunday, the PG-13-rated action-adventure now has the biggest domestic debut of 2022, blowing past Scream’s $30 million freshman frame a month a half ago.
  • Unspooling in 4,275 theaters, Uncharted had an $11,929 per-screen average and stands to collect $88 million overseas by the time the weekend is through (it debuted a week earlier in several foreign markets), putting its worldwide box-office total at $139 million.
  • Unlike Holland’s latest Spider-Man entry, Uncharted is scheduled to be released in China (on March 14), which should goose its global numbers nicely.
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