Report: No New Call of Duty Game Next Year

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Something that Call of Duty fans have been able to count on every year is the release of an exciting new installment in the long-running FPS franchise, but that tradition will soon be broken, according to a new report shared by Bloomberg. Sources with the publication say that Activision has decided to delay its Call of Duty game planned for next year, an indication that 2023 will the first year in nearly two decades to lack the release of a new mainline Call of Duty title. Microsoft’s plan to acquire Activision for $69 billion reportedly has nothing to do with the decision.

Activision to Delay Next Year’s Planned Call of Duty Game (Bloomberg)

  • Activision is working on other projects to fill the gap next year. A Call of Duty game set to come out this fall will receive a steady stream of additional content, and there will be a new, free-to-play online title next year, said the people. Treyarch, the Activision-owned studio working on the now-delayed game, will also help with the free-to-play title, the people said.
  • Last year’s entry, Call of Duty: Vanguard, failed to meet Activision’s sales expectations, leading executives to suspect that it had been cannibalized by the previous year’s game. A free-to-play version released in 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone, remains a massive success and may have drawn players away from the premium entries.
  • Call of Duty games are developed by a rotating stable of Activision’s development studios. This year’s entry, a new Modern Warfare game, will be made by Woodland Hills, California-based Infinity Ward.
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