Road Maintenance Simulator Gets Official Teaser Trailer

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Image: Caipirinha Games

Aerosoft, an award-winning seller of PC simulation hardware and games, has partnered with Caipirinha Games to give players road maintenance experience. A new teaser trailer for Road Maintenance Simulator has been released. The brief video shows numerous maintenance vehicles, and equipment, being used to maintain German roadways. It has already been viewed nearly 9,000 times.

Players will be able to choose from 30 missions, which could include anything from trimming trees to cleaning the roadside and, of course, repairing roads. The vehicles are configurable with various attachments, and players can pick tools as they see fit, per the needs of the job. From cordless screwdrivers to crash barriers, the simulator aims to provide a realistic experience in this often passed-by industry. Road Maintenance Simulator will launch on Steam for consoles and PC on Easter 2022.

Road Maintenance Simulator (Games Press PR)

The simulation experts from Aerosoft and the developers from Caipirinha Games are pleased to announce that the Road Maintenance Simulator will be released for PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at Easter 2022. In this game, players are tasked to work on road construction and road maintenance on German motorways, main and country roads.

“With Road Maintenance Simulator, we are expanding our broad portfolio of simulators with a stand-out title. The Road Maintenance Simulator offers players a glimpse into a field that has rarely been covered by games before,” says Winfried Diekmann, CEO, and founder of Aerosoft.

“Very soon, players will be able to drive their vehicles out from the depot and complete more than 30 realistic missions. We can’t wait to bring the title to all the players around the world,” adds Joachim Meyer, Managing Director of Caipirinha Games.

Renewing road markings, trimming trees, cleaning roadside and crash barriers, or repairing roads – everyday life in a road maintenance depot is incredibly varied. The walkable depot has everything players will need for their daily work – from cordless screwdrivers and wheelbarrows to signs, crash barriers, and motor vibrators. The realistically designed, freely accessible road network with highways as well as main roads and country roads allows players to travel from one job site to the next. For a total of 30 extensive missions, players can choose from all-purpose vehicles with various attachments, as well dump trucks, combination rollers, platform trucks, and other vehicles.

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