Street Fighter 6 Logo Looks Suspiciously Similar to an Adobe Stock Image

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Image: Capcom/xcoolee

Capcom’s artists have become lazier than ever, according to a new discovery regarding the logo for its newly announced fighting game, Street Fighter 6. As found by Aurich, creative director for Ars Technica, Street Fighter 6’s logo looks shockingly similar to a logo design that can be found on the Adobe Stock image store from an artist under the name of xcoolee, available under Adobe’s usual extended license fee of $79.99. Capcom will presumably be changing the logo for Street Fighter 6 following this discovery, especially considering the negative reaction that it has garnered from fans thus far.

Street Fighter 6: Controversial Logo Could Be a Modified Stock Image (IGN)

  • The design is available as an Adobe Illustrator file, meaning alterations could presumably have been easily made to the original file – and the Adobe Stock licenses do allow for modification in commercial use. The design appears to have been used publicly before, with (as Twitter use 100Jibie points out) a different modified version seemingly used as a logo for the SF Connexion sci-fi convention in France
  • Speaking to IGN, xcoolee confirmed that they had created the Adobe Stock image, and revealed that they were looking to sell exclusive rights for the image to Capcom, removing it from sale to other parties.
  • treet Fighter 6 was announced on February 21, and its logo reveal immediately caused controversy among fans, many of whom see the seeming change from the Street Fighter series’ vibrant text logos to a grittier monochrome style as disappointing.
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