Tokyo Game Show 2022 Announced as an Online and In-Person Event

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It has been announced that the Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be held as an online and in-person event this fall. Like many other public events, it had switched to an online virtual event during the last couple of years while the pandemic spread across the globe. It follows other events that have recently attempted to adapt by being in-person and having online content. This year’s theme is “The game never stops.”

Purpose and Outline of the Event

In 2020 and 2021, the Tokyo Game Show was held online due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

We were able to deliver a lot of game content while taking advantage of online access from any location by developing program distribution, trial version trials, EC, business matching, etc. on various online platforms. ..

However, many TGS fans and exhibitors have said, “I want you to revive the real world” and “I want to go to Makuhari next year.” It was two years that I was reminded that even if new information can be obtained through the Internet, the excitement and joy of that moment can only be created if everyone can share it in the same space. And in 2022, the Tokyo Game Show decided to hold the Makuhari Messe for the first time in three years.

The session will be held for 4 days from September 15th (Thursday) to September 18th (Sunday), with a business day and a public day. We plan to take more thorough measures against infectious diseases than ever before, so we will embody your “long-awaited” TGS that all exhibitors, visitors, and staff can enjoy with peace of mind.

Of course, we will also enhance online content. Due to various restrictions, there are many exhibitors and visitors who cannot actually visit Makuhari, so we plan to prepare more enjoyable content online. The Tokyo Game Show is not just a place for public relations, but a great opportunity to show the future of games in Asia and other parts of the world and to convey the value of games to the world. The future is still uncertain, but we hope that a wide range of game-related companies will exhibit and convey the strength and appeal of the game.

February 2022 Yoshiday

The show will span four days and run September 15–18. It will be held in Makuhari Messe in Chiba City. Slogans such as “nothing stops gaming” or “games are absolutely unstoppable” are being used to advertise this year’s show. The event is being co-sponsored by Nikkei BP Inc. and Dentsu Inc., and it is being organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA). The deadline for exhibitors to register is May 27, and more information for registering can be found here.

Source: TGS (via VGC)

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