I Am Legend Sequel Starring Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan in the Works at Warner Bros.

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Image: Warner Bros.

Remember how Will Smith’s character died in a fiery explosion at the end of 2007’s live-action adaptation of Richard Matheson’s brilliant post-apocalyptic vampire novel, I Am Legend? Warner Bros. apparently doesn’t, as the studio has begun development on a new installment that will bring back Smith, presumably in the role of protagonist Robert Neville, an immune survivor and researcher who manages to find a cure to the virus before meeting his demise. Plot details or how Smith’s character might be revived are unknown (prequel, or going with the alternative ending that aligns more closely with the book, perhaps?), but the actor will be starring alongside Black Panther and Creed’s Michael B. Jordan.

‘I Am Legend’ Next Chapter: Will Smith & Michael B. Jordan To Star & Produce Together For First Time; Akiva Goldsman Back To Write (Deadline)

  • Talk about two big stars aligning: Smith and Jordan’s movies combined have grossed a massive $12.3 billion worldwide.
  • Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman, who adapted the Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel for the original 2007 movie, also is returning to pen the follow-up and produce as well.
  • I Am Legend, starred Smith in a nearly deserted postapocalyptic New York City amid zombies, opened to $77.2M in early December stateside and went on to gross $256.4M domestic and $585.4M worldwide.
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