Pioneer Launches New Blu-ray Disc Drive

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Image: Pioneer

Forget about multi-chip GPUs, PCIe Gen 5 power supplies, and the next generation of speedy M.2 NVMe SSDs—what the tech world really needs right now in the year 2022 is a new optical disc drive, and Pioneer has delivered that in spades with the BDR-213JBK, a new internal burner that does all sorts of radical stuff, such as burning data onto BD-Rs at speeds of up to 16X, recording to M-DISCs that last for a thousand years, and playing 4K movies directly off of physical media (compatible PC required). The BDR-213JBK even features a “PureRead 3+” feature to ensure greater data reading accuracy, as well as a “disc resonance stabilizer” that keeps optical media from bending during high-speed recording. Pioneer’s BDR-213JBK is available now in Japan for around 17,222 Yen ($150), but it’s unclear when or if it might make its way over to the U.S.

BDR-213JBK Product Page (Pioneer)


  • Supports high-speed, high-precision 16x speed recording on BD-R and large-capacity BDXL (3 layers, 4 layers)
  • Ideal for importing music CDs. Equipped with a unique function “PureRead 3+ (original sound reproduction)” that further enhances data reading accuracy
  • Supports high-speed recording of M-DISC that can store data for a long time
  • Front design that combines functionality and design
  • Further improvement of recording quality
  • Achieve further power saving with “custom eco function”
  • High recording accuracy “disc resonance stabilizer” even during high-speed recording
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback compatible drive
  • “PowerRead ™” that can smoothly play BDs and DVDs with scratches and dirt

Write Speeds (BD)

-R16X, 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 4X, 2X
-R DL14X, 12X, 10X, 8X, 6X, 4X, 2X
-R (LTH)8X, 6X, 4X, 2X
-R TL8X, 6X, 4X, 2X
-R QL6X, 4X, 2X
M-DISC (BD) SL6X, 4X, 2X
M-DISC (BD) DL8X, 6X, 4X, 2X
M-DISC (BD) TL6X, 4X, 2X

Write Speeds (DVD)

-R DL8X、6X、4X、2X
+R DL8X、6X、4X、2.4X

Write Speeds (CD)


Read Speeds

BD-ROM (single-layer disc)12X
BD-ROM (double layer disc)8X
BD-ROM (3-layer disc)4X
DVD-ROM (single-layer disc)16X
DVD-ROM (double-layer disc)12X
CD-ROM48X * 5
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