Latest GPU Pricing Trends Indicate Potential MSRP Parity by Summertime

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Would you believe that graphics cards might finally be attainable at MSRP in just a few months? That’s a crazy thought that might have sent some enthusiasts to the loony bin last year, but the latest trend lines based on pricing from German retailers suggest that the idea may not be as wild as it sounds. As plotted by, pricing for both NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series and AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards have continued to fall admirably over the past few weeks, with the former and latter seeing a 16% and 10% decrease in pricing, respectively, since the week of February 13. If the downward trend manages to hold, GPUs could be available to purchase at saner (but still arguably excessive) prices by the summer.


News of the 5th/6th March 2022 (

  • […] Currently it is +35% for AMD and +41% for nVidia, each determined by comparing the best price of each graphics card with the (converted ) US list price.
  • If one were to simply continue to draw the previous price development, one could even make the forecast that the list price level should be reached again in roughly three months.
  • Availability is a problem of the past – at least in the graphics card retail market in Germany & Austria.

Whisper it, GPU pricing could drop down to ‘normal’ by the summer (PC Gamer)

  • At the start of the year we were looking pricing being 85% and 78% higher than MSRP for Nvidia and AMD’s average selling prices. That effective surcharge has halved as we enter March.
  • But what is also clear from the 3DCenter analysis, is that availability is higher now than at any point in the past year and is following an inverse trajectory to pricing. And that’s what fills us with hope that this latest dip in the cost of a new GPU will continue to trend towards pricing normalisation.
  • There are other factors at play other than availability; the fluctuation in the currency markets have played into the drop, as well as the crash in the price of Ethereum, the main cryptocurrency for GPU miners.
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