Seagate’s Beskar Ingot HDD/SSDs Now Available for Mandalorian Fans

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Seagate’s officially licensed Beskar Ingot Drives are now available for enthusiasts who have gotten a little too obsessed with Disney’s The Mandalorian and are looking to integrate some of the show’s mythos into their builds. The lineup comprises an external HDD, PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs, and SATA SDDs, all of which feature a design that’s inspired by the type of steel that Mandalorians use to craft their shiny armor. If only they could block lightsaber attacks and blaster shots as well…

  • Beskar Ingot External HDD
    • $129.99: Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive 2TB
  • Beskar Ingot M.2 SSDs
    • $272.99: Special Edition FireCuda NVMe SSD 1TB
    • $167.99: Special Edition FireCuda NVMe SSD 500GB
  • Beskar Ingot SATA SSDs
    • $283.99: Special Edition FireCuda SATA SSD 2TB
    • $167.99: Special Edition FireCuda SATA SSD 1TB

Seagate and Lucasfilm Collaborate to Take Gaming to the Next Level (Seagate)

  • These drives bring the iconic Star Wars “precious metal” aesthetic to the FireCuda line-up. […] Each drive resembles an ingot of Beskar, including its Imperial stamp featured prominently in the series, making these drives the ultimate collectible for Star Wars fans.
  • Seagate’s fastest M.2 2280 SSD, the PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD features speeds up to twelve times faster than SATA-based SSDs, delivering sequential read/write performance up to 7300/6000MB/s. It is also built with a sleek heatsink design for premium installation flexibility and peak performance.
  • Gamers can light up their battlestations with the external HDD, featuring a customizable RGB LED bar. This external drive is lightweight with simple plug-and-play compatibility, making it easy for gamers to take their whole library on the road.

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