Amazon Working on Fix for Lost Ark’s Tytalos Guardian Raid

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Amazon is warning Lost Ark players not to waste their time on the Tytalos Guardian Raid, which is not functioning as intended and configured to an almost unbeatable difficulty level. Many players are unable to progress beyond that point in the game. Amazon has stated that it is working on an update planned for release on March 14. Compensation for players who were blocked from proceeding because of the issue is also planned.

Official Statment

Heroes of Arkesia,

We are aware of an issue within the Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes defeating Tytalos in the time frame alotted extremely difficult for the powerlevel required to participate in the Guardian Raid, creating a blocker for progression. We are working with Smilegate RPG on a hotfix to address this issue which we are aiming to release on Monday. For the time being, we strongly suggest avoiding the Tytalos Guardian Raid so you do not expend valuable time or resources on an encounter that is currently not performing correctly.

We will also be working to create a possible compensation for the players who were blocked from progressing due to this issue with Tytalos. We will share more information as soon as we have it.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Good luck in Arkesia!

Some Lost Ark players have posted that the bug may be related to group attacks and that solo attacks work. Others have suggested that a previous update had altered the group difficulty mechanics for defeating Tytalos. That may be why taking on the guardian solo still works.

Source: Eurogamer (via PC Gamer)

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