NVIDIA Lowering Costs of GPUs by Up to 12% for AICs

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Are custom GeForce RTX graphics cards about to get cheaper? That seems like a possibility, as Wccftech claims that NVIDIA is experiencing lowered manufacturing costs of up to 12% for its GPUs and will be passing those savings on to its AIC (add-in-card) partners. Manufacturers and system integrators are all about that little thing called profit, though, so maybe it’s best to keep expectations low.

Exclusive: NVIDIA Quietly Informs AICs Of A 8-12% Drop In Cost For Its GPUs (Wccftech)

  • We have just received word that NVIDIA has informed AICs of a decrease in its cost basis which it will be passing on to AICs and who will be passing it on to SIs (system integrators) in return.
  • While price declines so far have been dictated by the demand side of the equation, we have received word that NVIDIA has informed AICs that it saw a lowering in its cost of manufacturing by around 8 to 12% which it will pass on to AICs. AICs in return will pass this saving on to SIs where it should eventually end up saving a few dollars in the gamer’s pocket.
  • All things considered, it does seem likely that GPU prices are going to keep coming down over the remaining year and we are going to see a massive influx of cheap second-hand GPUs and relatively-cheap new GPUs.

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