TEAMGROUP Announces New T-FORCE SIREN Series CPU/SSD AIO Liquid Cooler

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T-FORCE has announced the T-FORCE SIREN Series, the world’s first ARGB CPU/SSD AIO liquid coolers. It wasn’t that long ago that most of us would’ve scoffed at the idea of needing to actively cool an SSD, but as transfer speeds continue to increase, they are generating added heat.

We’ve already seen some manufacturers offering heatsinks for PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives, so more aggressive cooling wasn’t too far off on the horizon. With PCIe 5.0 SSD speeds expected to reach 14 GB/s, it was only a matter of time for liquid cooling. The SIREN GD240E AIO is designed for most M.2 2280 SSDS and is compatible with Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 sockets.

Press Release (TEAMGROUP)

Leading memory provider TEAMGROUP not only brings complete storage solutions to consumers worldwide but also strives to provide the best cooling options. In response to greater demands in the next generation of PC hardware for faster and more efficient cooling, its gaming sub-brand T-FORCE has announced the world’s first ARGB All-In-One liquid cooling system that dissipates heat from two main heat sources, the CPU and SSD, at the same time.

The dual-cooling system of the T-FORCE SIREN Series All-in-One ARGB Liquid Cooler supports a wide range of Intel and AMD sockets, including the latest LGA 1700 and AM5 sockets, and its meticulously-designed water blocks are made for mainstream M.2 2280 SSDs, making the cooler perfect for a large variety of gaming PC setups. The T-FORCE SIREN Series All-in-One liquid cooling system allows gamers to solve both CPU and SSD heating issues with an easy installation and helps provide stable operation when both components are under heavy loads, contributing to longer hardware lifespans. Its ARGB dual water block design can also display a wide array of dazzling lights, giving players the freedom to create their own unique, eye-catching PC rig.

Well-aware of the increased operating temperatures of PC components, TEAMGROUP has taken the initiative to provide various cooling solutions with leading technologies and innovative features. In addition to several T-FORCE-patented SSD heatsinks, the company has developed the SIREN GD240E All-in-One ARGB Liquid Cooler for CPUs as well as the first cooling solution for the next generation of PCIe Gen5.0 SSDs. TEAMGROUP will continue to bring a wide range of cooling products to consumers worldwide to offer a more stable and efficient computing experience.

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