Netflix Marvel Shows on Disney+ Are Fully Uncensored

Image: Netflix

Something that Marvel fans have been worried about regarding the transition of Netflix’s Marvel shows to Disney+ was whether they would receive any form of censorship (people being shot in the face and Jessica Jones getting down and dirty with Luke Cage may not necessarily be things that kids need to see), but surprisingly, they are being streamed in their full glory, according to IGN, which analyzed the newer releases of the shows and found that there are no changes from the original Netflix versions. Thrilling scenes such as strip club segments, men being burned alive, and Kingpin violently smashing peoples’ heads in are all reportedly intact, something that might be unexpected based on Disney’s general reluctance in going beyond a PG-13 rating for its streaming content. Disney did launch updated parental controls to complement the release of Netflix’s live-action Marvel shows on its platform, however, so maybe this isn’t a complete surprise.

Some of the violent scenes that are still in, per IGN:

  • Wilson Fisk smashing the thug’s head with a car door (Daredevil S1 E5)
  • A man being shot in the face (Daredevil S1 E13)
  • Daredevil and Elektra’s sex scene (Daredevil S2 E5)
  • Stick opening Elektra’s wound (Daredevil S2 E8)
  • Elektra cutting the man’s throat (Daredevil S2 E8)
  • Jessica Jones’ sex scene with Luke Cage (Jessica Jones S1 E1)
  • Will’s neck broken (Jessica Jones S2 E2)
  • Trish’s mom murdered (Jessica Jones S3 E8)
  • The strip club scene (Luke Cage S1 E1)
  • Man burned alive (Luke Cage S2 E10)
  • Bushmaster gouging out a man’s eye out with knife (Luke Cage S2 E1)
  • Billy and Agent Madani’s sex scene (Punisher S1 E6)
  • Billy removes bullets from his own body (S2 E13)

Disney Didn’t Censor Any of the Netflix Marvel Shows Including Daredevil, Jessica Jones (IGN)

  • IGN did an exhaustive comparison between the various Defenders shows from when they streamed on Netflix to how they appear on Disney Plus, and we found that Disney didn’t remove anything from these shows.
  • In a line-item comparison across 382 episodes and 10 seasons, IGN tracked all of the instances of violent or sexually suggestive moments from the Defenders shows on Netflix to how they appear on Disney Plus and found that nothing has been removed.
  • Disney Plus, at least in North America, is known for sticking to a PG-13 rating for its content, with more mature content going to Hulu, another Disney-owned streaming service. But the Defenders shows appear to be an exception.

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