Winamp to Whip the Llama’s Ass with NFTs

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Following its acquisition by Radionomy nearly a decade ago, Nullsoft, the creators of Winamp, announced that it would be releasing a next-generation version of the classic audio player by 2019. It is now 2022 and Winamp 6 is still nowhere to be seen, but hey, at least fans can spend money on NFTs now.

Winamp has confirmed on its official site that it will begin selling a variety of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with one being based on the original, iconic Winamp skin that remains seared into the minds of music aficionados everywhere despite them having moved on to streaming services or alternative desktop players such as Foobar and MusicBee eons ago.

Winamp will also be selling 20 NFT artworks made by 20 digital artists based on the original  Winamp skin. These are set to hit OpenSea on May 23, while the NFT for the original Winamp skin will go on sale a week ahead of that date, on May 16.

What is Winamp NFT Initiative? (Winamp) (via The Verge)

This spring, Winamp is opening its Foundation to help musicians across the world create music they love. All funds collected by the Foundation will be redistributed to charity projects supporting music and musicians.

On May 16th, the Winamp Foundation will put the original and iconic Winamp skin on auction, as a 1/1 NFT edition. The NFT will be on sale on OpenSea until May 22nd.

Then, starting May 23rd, Winamp will sell 20 NFT artworks made by 20 digital artists and derived from the original Winamp skin (“derivatives”).

This unique collection will be made of 1997 derivatives in total (19100 and 197).

Inspired? Use the form to submit your art. Submissions are open until April 15th 11AM UTC. Selected artists will be announced on May 18th.

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