Photos of NVIDIA’s Next-Gen H100 Hopper GPU Leak Out

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Photos of the H100, NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU based on the new Hopper architecture for the data center, has leaked out. The images shared by VideoCardz seem to confirm that the GPU will be a monolithic design that features six Graphics Processing Clusters, including 144 Streaming Multiprocessors and support for up to six stacks of high-bandwidth memory. NVIDIA is expected to unveil its Hopper architecture and confirm the full specifications of the H100 during GTC 2022 later today.

Image: VideoCardz
Image: VideoCardz

NVIDIA next-gen H100 Hopper GPU for High Performance Computing pictured (VideoCardz)

The render that leaks just hours ahead of the announcement confirms some key details on NVIDIA’s Hopper GH100 GPU. Such as the fact that GH100 is a large monolithic GPU with six Graphics Processing Clusters. In fact, we can also count a total of 144 Streaming Multiprocessors. As reported earlier today, one of the GPCs is different, because it also carries the render engine and supports graphics.

Furthermore, the chip supports up to 6 stacks of High-Bandwidth-Memory, unfortunately since the full specs are not yet available, we are not sure if all 6 stacks are used.

NVIDIA will be rolling out a number of products based on GH100 GPU, such an SXM based H100 card for DGX mainboard, a DGX H100 station and even a DGX H100 SuperPod. More importantly, NVIDIA is also announcing PCIe-based H100 model at the same time.

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