DOOM Mod Brings Ray Tracing and DLSS to id Software’s Classic FPS

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Ever wonder what DOOM might look like with ray tracing? You no longer have to, as Sultim Tsyrendashiev (sultim-t), a software engineering alum, has turned that dream into a reality with one of his newest mods. Dubbed “Doom Classic: RAY TRACED,” the mod brings real-time path tracing and DLSS support to the first three levels of id Software’s unforgettable 1993 classic. All that’s required is the original DOOM.wad and new PRBoom+RT engine, which can be found on sultim-t’s GitHub repo.

“Can it run Doom” will never be the same, thanks to new ray-tracing mod (ArsTechnica)

At its best, PRBoom+RT makes the original game look and feel like Doom 3, as previously dim hallways are reborn with the dramatic sense that darkness can loom around any corner. Like Doom 3, this mod includes a “press F for flashlight” keyboard option at any time, and I found that I needed that help in a few moments so far in my testing. Otherwise, in great news, mod creator Sultim Tsyrendashiev has mostly balanced the revamped moody lighting with playability in mind so that pitch-black hallways are the exception, not the rule.

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