Pixel Pat: Intel Releases 8-Bit Retro Game to Celebrate Pat Gelsinger’s First Year as CEO

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A nine-figure salary and golden parachute aren’t the only perks of being the leader behind a multi-billion tech giant. Intel has released Pixel Pat, a retro-styled, 8-bit game that was designed to commemorate Pat Gelsinger’s first year as Intel CEO, a position that he officially took over from predecessor Bob Swan on February 15, 2021.

Take control of a pixelized Gelsinger as he attempts to make his way across one of Intel’s new fabrication plants, which, for some reason, is filled with gaps in which workers can fall to their deaths. Players can increase their chances of survival by picking up a clean room suit (invincibility) and accumulating wafers for additional lives, while light bulbs can also be collected to get facts on Intel’s history.

“To mark our chief geek’s momentous first year as CEO, Pat Gelsinger needs your help traversing Intel’s new fabrication plant,” reads the About section for the game. “Along the way, learn about milestones and innovations he and Intel have developed.”

Pixel Jensen and Pixel Lisa when?

Patrick Gelsinger: Chief Executive Officer (Intel)

Patrick (Pat) Gelsinger is chief executive officer of Intel Corporation and serves on its board of directors. On Feb. 15, 2021, Gelsinger returned to Intel, the company where he had spent the first 30 years of his career.

Gelsinger began his career in 1979 at Intel, becoming its first chief technology officer, and also serving as senior vice president and the general manager of the Digital Enterprise Group. He managed the creation of key industry technologies such as USB and Wi-Fi. He was the architect of the original 80486 processor, led 14 microprocessor programs and played key roles in the Intel Core and Intel Xeon processor families, leading to Intel becoming the preeminent microprocessor supplier.

Gelsinger earned several degrees in electrical engineering: an associate degree from Lincoln Technical Institute, a bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and a master’s degree from Stanford University. He holds eight patents in the areas of VLSI design, computer architecture and communications, is an IEEE Fellow, and serves as a member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

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