AMD Flexes on Intel with Arc A370M vs. Radeon 6500M Benchmarks

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Image: AMD

Thinking about going with Intel’s new Arc A370M GPU for your next gaming laptop instead of a Radeon 6500M? You might be a fool, then, according to AMD, which shared first-party benchmarks on its Twitter account this week that suggest its RDNA 2 mobile graphics solution crushes the competition.

The benchmarks shared by AMD indicate that the Radeon 6500M offers much better performance than Intel’s Arc A370M in a variety of games. These include Hitman 3, Final Fantasy XIV, and F1 2021, the latter of which can supposedly run over 70 FPS faster on the Radeon 6500M versus Intel’s option under medium graphics settings.

AMD also suggested superiority over Intel by including a chart that shows the discrepancy between the Arc 370M and Radeon 6500M’s transistor counts. While both GPUs are manufactured on TSMC’s N6 process, the Radeon 6500M manages to outperform Intel’s GPU despite having significantly fewer transistors (7.2 billion vs. 5.4 billion).

Image: AMD

Intel shared first-party benchmarks for its new Arc A370M GPU as part of a slide deck for the launch of its Arc graphics family for laptops this week, but they only provide insight on how its performance might compare to the company’s own, last-generation Iris Xe graphics. Those can be viewed below.

Image: Intel
Image: Intel

AMD reminds us that its mobile GPU is more powerful than Intel’s (PC Gamer)

Intel had a pretty exciting week with the announcement of its Arc 3 laptop GPUs. During its presentation, Intel showed off several slides showing how the Arc 3 mobile graphics silicon fares against their own previous gen Iris X. What Intel didn’t show during its reveal is how its new mobile graphics card compares with the competition. As you can imagine, AMD didn’t take long to ruin Intel’s victory lap by releasing their own benchmarking faceoff.

AMD posted a tweet with a graph showing its low-end Radeon RX 6500M confidently outperforming the Intel Arc A370M in frame rate count in five games. Intel’s charts show the Arc 3 hitting over 90 fps in games like Fortnite, GTA V, Rocket League, and Valorant and around 60 fps in more contemporary games with the help of XeSS, AI-assisted supersampling tech.

We don’t know if both the mobile GPUs used in this graph were the same wattage, however. The 6500M is 50W base, while the Arc A370M is 25-50W. It isn’t a fair comparison if the Intel GPU is running at a lower wattage. We also don’t know if these were up-to-date Intel drivers nor which laptops were used for this faceoff.

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