Windows 11 Adoption Appears to Have Stalled

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Sorry, Microsoft, but it looks like nobody really gives a damn about Windows 11. Or, at least, that’s what the latest stats from AdDuplex wants its visitors to think, having shared a new report that indicates adoption of the new operating system had slowed down significantly during the month of March. Windows 11 installations increased only by .1% from February, which is pretty pathetic.

Image: AdDuplex

Windows 11 Adoption May Have Stalled (PCMag)

That’s a huge slowdown from January when AdDuplex reported Windows 11 adoption had doubled to 16.1% percent based on a survey of around 60,000 PCs.

PC benchmarking provider PassMark also keeps stats on OS adoption, and found Windows 11 usage only increased by 1.6% last month. However, PassMark estimates Windows 11’s share is significantly higher at 31.5%.

The stats raise questions over whether Windows 11’s strict hardware requirements are preventing users from adopting the OS. Microsoft is officially only rolling out Windows 11 to PCs that are at most four to five years old, and come built with a security feature called Trusted Platform Module (TPM), though you can install Windows 11 manually on many unsupported systems.

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