Thermalright’s New M.2 Heat Sink Looks Big and Extremely Painful

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Image: Thermalright

Looking for a new M.2 heat sink that looks like it could cut your finger off? Thermalright appears to have the perfect product for you, having introduced a new cooler called the HR-09 2280 PRO that looks like something Megatron might whip out to slice people to death with. Thermalright’s HR-09 2280 PRO measures 74-mm tall and is coupled with a set of 6 mm heat pipes and an extensive array of 33 deadly-looking fins for taming the temperatures of high-performance M.2 drives. A non-pro version that’s around 26 mm shorter is also available.

Thermalright Debuts Flame Aesthetic M.2 Heatsinks (Tom’s Hardware)

The Thermalright HR-09 Pro is a blast from the past for hardware enthusiasts, and keep the company’s distinct visual style. A pair of 6mm heatpipes conduct heat away from the nickel-plated copper base that attaches to your M.2 SSD, dispersing the heat through thematically-coherent, fire-shaped aluminium fins (33 per heatpipe) that are all jagged edges and protrusions. With dimensions of 74 x 24 x 86mm and weighing in at 90 grams, the HR-09 Pro is taller than some low-profile CPU heatsinks the company has already delivered.

The non-Pro HR-09, on the other hand, is likely to appeal to users that like a cleaner top view of their SSD heatsink, sporting a single 6 mm heatpipe and 32-piece aluminium fin array. The reduced footprint results in smaller dimensions overall, standing at 48 x 24 x 79mm and weighing in at 80 grams. It still keeps the flame aesthetic of the Pro version, albeit only in a side-view; the unit’s top features the Thermalright branding and a much cleaner aesthetic.

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