The Wheel of Time: 1999 Fantasy-Themed FPS Now Available on GOG

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Not entirely satisfied with how Amazon’s Wheel of Time series turned out? Perhaps Legend Entertainment’s classic fantasy-themed 3D shooter of the same name might be more up your alley. Originally released in 1999 and taking place 150 years before the events of Robert Jordan’s iconic novels, The Wheel of Time is now available to enjoy on modern PCs courtesy of GOG and Nightdive Studios, a duo that continues to do great work in putting the spotlight back on classic titles. Players who are expecting an arsenal of guns might be disappointed in this one, but it seems like a swell time for those of you who typically lean toward magic classes in RPGs and prefer to blast things away by casting spells. The Wheel of Time is available at a slight discount for $8.99 as part of its launch promotion.


  • Environments in real time 3D
  • Diverse weather effects like wind, rain and snow
  • Construction and equipping of own fortresses
  • More than 100 artifacts and magic spells
  • Based on Robert Jordans epic novel
  • Unique multiplayer dynamic
  • Single and local multiplayer mode available up to 4 players

The Wheel of Time (GOG)

For thousands of years the Dark One has been trapped, but now the four seals keeping him imprisoned have been lost. Four organization of opposing beliefs and principles were searching for these seals. The Aes Sedai sisterhood managed to recover three, but one of them was stolen, allegedly by members of a sect within their organization that worshipped the Dark One. Elayna Sedai, Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower, has been promoted to the leader of Aes Sedai, and must retrieve the lost seal at all costs.

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy-themed 3D shooter based on the novel series of the same name by Robert Jordan. Combat is ranged, but the player character doesn’t use any weapons and instead relies on artifacts called “ter’angreal”. There are 40 types of ter’angreal in the game, which can be used for offensive as well as defensive purposes, e.g. shoot lightning and fireball, heal or hide the protagonist in a cloak, etc.

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