New Subnautica Game In Development: Unknown Worlds Seeking Senior Narrative Designer for Third Installment

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Craving another underwater adventure from the minds at Unknown Worlds Entertainment? You are definitely getting one, according to a new job listing for a senior narrative designer posted on the studio’s official site and an associated tweet, which can confirm that the Subnautica developer is working on a new entry in its critically acclaimed underwater survival franchise. Unknown Worlds’ job listing doesn’t really reveal anything about the third installment of the game, but if it’s anything like 2021’s sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, players should prepare to dive into the depths of Planet 4546B once again and attempt to survive via exploration, resource collecting, habitat building, and more.


Unknown Worlds is seeking a Senior Narrative Designer to join the team working on the next game in the Subnautica universe. This person will collaborate closely with the team to tell compelling, dramatic stories in the context of the game experience, while also defining the history and lore of a new science fiction world and its alien inhabitants. This person has a unique opportunity to join the team early in development and help establish the narrative direction for a beloved franchise.


Collaborate with the team to establish game lore, history, characters, and storylines.
Work with art and design to define and implement narrative systems and environmental storytelling requirements.
Provide in-game text and other written content as required by project goals. Write dialogue and backstory text. Collaborate with staff or contract writers to ensure consistency and quality across all game text.
Collaborate with the audio team on voice casting and talent direction. Organize material for recording sessions and provide character bios and briefs for voice actors. Provide feedback on auditions and performance.
Establish and maintain internal documentation for the Subnautica universe fiction and lore.


Shipped at least one commercial game project working as senior writer or narrative designer.
Strong creative writing skills, specifically plot, character development and dialogue.
Experience with world-building – establishing history and lore – on large creative writing projects.
Self-starting, organized, and highly motivated.
Must be passionate about working on speculative science fiction.
Must be comfortable working on story in the context of live/open development.


Familiarity with open-world games and the process of developing narrative in the context of an open-ended, player-driven experience.
Experience with modern game engines and narrative design tools.
Experience working on live projects or episodic content.

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