Tesla Cybertruck Finally Goes on Sale in 2023, a “Magnum Opus” without Door Handles

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Want to turn heads in a vehicle that’s very much unlike any of the cars and trucks you’ll see on the roads today? That’ll get a lot easier next year for those with deeper pockets and the garage space, as Elon Musk has finally confirmed that Tesla’s heavily hyped Cybertruck will finally go on sale in 2023. Musk made the announcement during the opening party for his company’s Giga Texas factory last night, hyping up the crowd by detailing some of the vehicle’s unique features alongside chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. Those would include doors that no longer have handles—apparently, the Cybertruck is intelligent enough to know when its owner is around and will open them up automatically. Musk also suggested that the Cybertruck will be Tesla’s “magnum opus,” something that will further help define the company and possibly become its most important product.

Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas (Tesla)

Musk: […] the Cybertruck is coming next year. We’ll be in production Cybertruck next year. We’ll be in product with the Roadster and Semi. So that’s all coming. This year is all about scaling up. And then next year, there’s going to be a massive wave of new products.

Holzhausen: Cybertruck is going to be awesome. I mean, you see it here. You’ve seen it before. You’ve seen it over there. It’s worth the wait, believe me. It’s well worth the wait. It’s going to be awesome.

Musk: I think this will be our magnum opus. And, you can see some of the changes we’ve made already. There are no handles. Who needs handles? The car can tell that you’re there, and it just knows that it needs to open. We’re going have an incredible Cybertruck product for you next year. It’s going to blow your mind.

Holzhausen: There is no other truck. Yeah, everything else pales in comparison.

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