Yuel Beast Motif Monument ITX Case Review

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Introducing the Yuel Beast Motif Monument, an open-air small form factor ITX chassis, which is the first ITX “case” that we’re reviewing here at The FPS Review. The Motif Monument is designed to be as much of an artistic piece as a functional desktop system and is currently available in black, however, our sample comes in white. Construction is 3/16” steel, cut and bent into the final frame as one piece with a second 3/16” steel plate that mounts behind the motherboard.

The Motif Monument has an MSRP of US$199 and was ordered directly from Yuel Beast.

Yuel Beast Motif Monument loaded up front

What’s the point of a case that isn’t a “case”?

To look cool!

And possibly to be cool with unrestricted airflow. But overall, the Yuel Beast Motif Monument is just that – a monument. By arranging components in what otherwise would be a typical tower configuration, Yuel Beast has created a work of art. Whether it’s a sight to behold is up to the viewer, of course, and the open chassis approach does have its limitations.

The main limitation we see is that being open, all of the parts are exposed. Fans that would otherwise be protected from curious fingers are within reach and power leads that, while posing no real risk of shock, could definitely cause problems if pulled out of their receptacles. Dust, obviously, is going to be a primary concern as well.

After protection, cases also provide a measure of noise reduction, airflow ducting, and when included dust filtering. Depending on the components chosen, noise reduction and ducted airflow may not be real concerns, but the lack of filtering will impose the need for more frequent deep cleaning versus an enclosure with positive airflow pressure and proper filters.

However, having all parts exposed does provide the benefit of needing fewer overall fans as there are no ‘case’ fans involved. For tinkerers, there’s also the added bonus of easy access to components, and for our future ITX case reviews, this will make Yuel Beast’s Motif Monument the home for the Mini Case Review Rig.

The Yuel Beast Motif Monument Chassis

The Motif Monument is delivered with its rear panel separate from the main chassis and with the motherboard and rear panel standoffs installed. Screws, adhesive cable clips, and the power button assembly are placed in a bag.

Yuel Beast Motif Monument unboxed

And in terms of functionality, aside from being a ‘frame’ to which an ITX system may be mounted, that power button is it. Other common front-panel headers such as power indicator, reset, or HDD activity are unrepresented, and there’s no front I/O such as USB ports or audio to be found.

Yuel Beast Motif Monument additional shot with accessories

On balance, with minimalism as a goal, even the included power button is a convenience. With the motherboard exposed, the pins representing power and reset are accessible, and either power on/off or system reset can be triggered by bridging the pins with any conductive metal. Many boards, though perhaps not many ITX boards have included these functions on the board as well. 

Finally, though at additional cost and wiring complexity, any of the above may be added if needed.

Yuel Beast Motif Monument Specifications

ColorAvailable in black and white
Materials3/16” steel
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)181.5mm x 201.3mm x 321.8mm
Maximum CPU Cooler HeightLimited by imagination*
Maximum GPU LengthLimited by imagination*
Total Expansion Slots2 slot width, only second slot secured**
Motherboard Size SupportMini-ITX
Input / Output PanelN/A
Power Supply SupportSFX, length limited by imagination*
Internal 3.5″ / 2.5” MountsN/A
Internal 2.5″ MountsN/A
Included FansN/A
Front Fan PositionsN/A
Top Fan PositionsN/A
Radiator SupportNot recommended, no provision for radiator mounting is included
Warranty30 days from shipping date
*As an open chassis, length and height of most components is not limited, however the Motif Monument is generally an ITX-sized chassis
**While a GPU slightly wider than two slots will fit, airflow clearance below the GPU will be obstructed

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