Considering the fact that Cyberpunk 2077’s most recent patch introduced little in the way of new content for the controversial RPG, might it be safe to assume that CD PROJEKT RED has moved on to bigger and better things such as its newly announced Witcher game that will be built on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5? Not quite, according to quest director Paweł Sasko, who took part in a recent livestream and confirmed that the team remains firmly invested in improving Cyberpunk 2077.

While the amount of new content still seems to be up in the air, Sasko suggested that many of the outstanding bugs left in the sci-fi adventure should eventually be cleared up, at the very least, and that other “stuff,” which could include a new expansion, is definitely being worked on. Cyberpunk 2077’s most recent update is Patch 1.52, which released on March 22 and introduced numerous fixes for gameplay, graphics, and quest issues.

“We’re still improving the game, because we are all aware that there is work to be done”, Sasko said after being asked by a fan regarding future Cyberpunk 2077 content in 2022. “We’re very happy you guys liked 1.5, and that gives us more…incentive to work for you guys because you show your appreciation for it.”

“That’s as much as I can tell you,” he added. “We are working on stuff for you. Like I’m literally daily reviewing quests, talking to people about stuff, so it is happening.”

CD Projekt Red Is Aware There Is Still “Work To Be Done” On Cyberpunk 2077 After Recent Patch (The Gamer)

On a recent livestream, quest director Paweł Sasko confirmed that the team is still actively working to improve Cyberpunk. Sasko says that they are very aware that there is still “work to be done” to the game, and that he is personally improving quests “daily” in order to bring it more in line with audience expectations.

Sasko also hinted that an expansion might not be far off, and is actively being worked on now. However, like the other future updates, he can’t discuss this in detail right now. “I cannot tell you anything about our future plans”, Sasko said. “But I can assure you that we are working on expansions – we’re working on stuff for you guys.”

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  1. I'm glad they haven't given up on it yet. I'm waiting on the gumption to dive in to be honest.
    It's a pretty good game but if you haven't taken the plunge, I'd wait for their first actual content update or larger expansion DLC's to release. I think that's probably going to be the best time to get into it.

    That said, it's a great game that I've thoroughly enjoyed, but it could have been better as its no where near what was promised during the ad campaigns in the two years or so leading up to the game's release.
  2. This level of commitment is great.

    I hope it comes with new content though. More story.

    At this point - about 140 hours in - I am almost done with the game (I've gotten about 2/3rds of the endings thus far. Working on the last few)

    Without new story content, I probably won't be going back. I love the universe they built up through, so I would definitely pay for new story DLC.

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