Netflix Releases Official Trailer for Stranger Things 4

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Netflix has released an official trailer for the fourth season of its hit sci-fi/horror drama, Stranger Things. Fans of the franchise who were hoping to see a new creature will probably be delighted at what the Duffer Brothers have cooked up this time for Mike, Eleven, and the rest of the Hawkins gang’s latest adventure, as a portion of the teaser footage can confirm what appears to be a new and very creepy human/monster hybrid as the latest baddie. Stranger Things 4 has a pretty good chance of being the most epic one yet, being that the fourth season is being broken up into two parts, making it the longest season to date. The first half, Volume I, will begin streaming exclusively via Netflix on May 27, 2022, while the second will premiere just a few weeks later on July 1.

Hawkins Is in the ‘Eye of the Storm’ in the ‘Stranger Things 4’ Trailer (Netflix Tudum)

The trailer kicks off with a fiery hellscape and an equally hellish voice warning, “You’ve broken everything… your suffering is almost at an end.” We then see Max (Sadie Sink) visiting the grave of her late brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery), sharing with him all the ways that things have changed since his death last season.

Throughout the three-minute clip, we get a glimpse of all the characters we know and love as they navigate their new lives: Hopper (David Harbour) in snowy Russia, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) with the Byers family in California and the rest of the gang back home in Hawkins — where something dark and sinister is brewing. “A war is coming,” a voice tells us, adding that everyone in Hawkins is essentially in “the eye of the storm.” Uh-oh.

And if it wasn’t already clear, we’re definitely in horror movie territory now, as the Duffer brothers explained earlier this spring. The final 30 seconds of the trailer is filled with action-packed moments of explosions, terrifying creatures and even some casual levitating.

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