MSI MAG B650 Motherboard Already in Testing for Ryzen 7000 Series Processors

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Image: MSI

AMD fans had to endure a pretty extensive delay before getting their hands on red team’s B550 motherboards back in 2020, but it appears that history won’t be repeating itself for the chipset’s successor. An image tweeted by leaker HXL this week can confirm that one of MSI’s next motherboards for more casual users, the MAG B650, is already in testing for AMD’s highly anticipated Ryzen 7000 Series processors. The implication is that the B650 chipset could launch right alongside the premium X670 options when the new AM5 platform and Zen 4-based chips debut later this year. It’s unclear how AMD’s B650 motherboards will differ, exactly, but one of the key differences between the current B550 and X570 chipsets is that the latter only features PCIe Gen 3 general purpose lanes.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processor Spotted Running on MSI MAG B650 Motherboard at 1.5 Volts (TechPowerUp)

AMD is slowly gearing up to launch the latest 7000 series Ryzen processors codenamed “Raphael.” Thanks to the famous hardware leaker @9550pro on Twitter, we have evidence of B650 motherboards for the next-generation hardware. According to the image posted by the leaker, it appears like AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series Raphael processor is running on MSI’s MAG B650 motherboard at a very high voltage of 1.5 Volts VCore. While we don’t know the exact SKU running here, we see a note referring to it as an Engineering Sample, meaning that this is not a final product. It is expected to see the new AM5 platform make a debut alongside DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 technology, so we have to wonder what the B650 chipset can support.

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