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Tencent has announced it will begin blocking unapproved foreign games on its internet speed-boosting app, Tencent Online Game Accelerator, on May 31. The app improves internet speeds but has allowed access to games not approved for release in China.

respected user:

Thank you for your continuous support to Tencent Accelerator. Due to the adjustment of business operation strategy, “Tencent Online Game Accelerator” will be upgraded to “Tencent Game Manager” from May 31, 2022 and the old version (ie, Tencent Online Game Accelerator) service will be gradually discontinued. After the product upgrade, it will only support the acceleration of the national server game. For the affected member users, we have opened the refund channel. You can click [Tencent Accelerator Member Refund Channel] at the top of the main interface of the accelerator client to fill in the account to be refunded. information, we will process a refund for you as soon as possible after verifying the information you submitted.

We apologize for the inconvenience this adjustment has caused you.

After the product upgrade, we will continue to introduce more functions and services for the majority of gamers.

Thank you again for your continued tolerance, understanding and support!

Tencent Accelerator Team


It could be to comply with China’s gaming license regulators, who announced that unapproved games are prohibited on online audio-visual platforms. Netease, Tencent’s largest competitor, also has a booster app, but has yet to say if it too will begin blocking users’ access.

Source: Tencent (via TechCrunch)

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  1. There used to be similar services here in the US. I can’t recall any offhand but they would claim to be able to route better to where game datacenters were, and that routers would prioritize encrypted traffic
  2. It is counter-intuitive, but sometimes VPN's actually result in lower pings to some places, by slecting a better route.

    IN a general purpose VPN it is totally random though, and on average the ping is higher, but on occasion it works the other way.

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