AMD Ryzen 7000 Series “Zen 4” Processors with 3D V-Cache May Not Surface until Next Year

Image: AMD

AMD’s first Ryzen processor with 3D V-Cache technology, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, is officially available to purchase from the usual retailers today for $449, but when might we see that same level of larger-cache magic in the company’s next generation of processors? Not this year, if the latest rumors from Greymon55 are to be believed.

According to the leaker, Ryzen 7000 Series processors with 3D V-Cache won’t be available for desktops until 2023 at the earliest, and the reason for that seems to relate to the lack of production lines. There is supposedly only a single line that’s currently running, one that’s entirely reserved for the production of Ryzen 7 5800X3D chips and has no room for additional SKUs.

The good news is that updating the packaging devices for Zen 4 will reportedly be a simple process, so there shouldn’t be any delays that prevent AMD from quickly switching over to the production of Ryzen 7000 Series processors with 3D V-Cache. Recent rumors have suggested that AMD is adding official overclocking support to the Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

AMD Ryzen 7000 ‘Zen 4’ CPUs With 3D V-Cache May Not Hit Desktops Till 2023 (Wccftech)

The reason for this is stated by Greymon55 who has alleged that currently, AMD’s Zen 3D has just one production line dedicated to it. Our own sources told us that AMD increased the production capacity of Zen 3D from 20K units to 50K units (per quarter). So the singular line has no more room to accommodate any other chip for now. But it looks like one reason why AMD moved the production numbers up for Zen 3D is to make enough of these chips for the retail segment and quickly move to the next-gen parts.

Greymon55 also states that the current 3D packaging devices can move to Zen 4 (3D) without any hassle and production can start immediately once the required number of production for Zen 3D reaches. It is likely that AMD will cease further production of Zen 3D by Q4 and start production of Zen 4 (3D) Ryzen 7000 3D V-Cache CPUs by Q1 2023 and the chips may hit retail by mid of the third quarter of 2023. The initial lineup as such will only include the standard ‘X’ parts on the X670 board platform. The Ryzen 7000 ‘X3D’ CPUs will be moved to 2023 but this is good news because we will be getting more 3D V-Cache goodness in the future.

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