Original Halo Soundtrack Composers and Microsoft Have Amicably Resolved Their Differences

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Image: 343 Industries

The decades-long dispute between the composers of the original Halo games and Microsoft has finally come to an end. Marty O’Donnell says he and Mike Salvatori have resolved their differences with Microsoft. Fans are already showing their support.

Marty spoke with Eurogamer in February, explaining the duo had licensed the music to Bungie before it was bought by Microsoft and it was never work-for-hire. Decades went by as the music was reused in various Halo projects, with Mike and Marty contesting the rights and their compensation. All that now seems to be behind them, with fans asking if the two will be involved in new Halo projects.

It is unknown if the two will return to create more Halo music, but Marty has re-uploaded a Halo 2 recording session with Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers. The video was taken down after legal troubles escalated in 2021.

Sources: Destructoid, PC Gamer

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