Thermalright Develops Anti-Bending Frame for 12th Gen Intel Core Alder Lake-S Processors

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Image: Thermalright

Intel has said that the potential bending of its Alder Lake-S processors is nothing to worry about and isn’t something that will result in the chips running out of spec, but owners who have been losing sleep at night over the thought of a warped IHS now have a potential solution from Thermalright. The manufacturer has begun selling something called a BCE, a “Bending Corrector Frame” that, as its name indicates, should prevent 12th Gen Intel Core processors from bending, an unfortunate side effect that partially relates to the chip’s elongated design. Thermaltake’s BCE is available now from Taobao and costs 39 yuan (around $6).

Image: Thermalright

Thermalright LGA1700-BCF, an accessory to prevent Alder Lake-S processors from bending (Cowcotland)

For several days, the controversy about processors, and associated sockets, Intel Alder Lake-S which bend when you lock the fixing kit swells. The opportunity for some brands to highlight small accessories to fight against this problem, the image of Thermalright and its LGA1700-BCF , with an BCE for Bending Corrector Frame .

No need to have studied the English language for years to understand that this is an accessory that will replace the original retention system, with locking that is done simply by screws. And since the construction is made of aluminum with CNC machining, we suspect that the system is solid and will not move an inch over time.

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