Ubisoft Announces Project Q, a Team Battle Arena Game That Won’t Have NFTs

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Ubisoft has announced a new team battle arena game called Project Q for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The publisher has shared little about the game so far besides a piece of concept art that teases some of its characters and battlegrounds, which apparently includes Central Park, but a report from Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson suggests that there will be at least two game modes, one of which will be a unique take on Battle Royale. Early footage of the game has also been leaked.

Ubisoft Is Developing New PVP Battle Arena “Project Q” (Exputer)

The game, codenamed ‘Project Q’ that was originally spotted by Eurogamer back in September 2021 from the leaked NVIDIA GeForce Now database but was later removed following a DMCA takedown from Ubisoft, has started its first-ever playtests today. Project Q has two game modes; one is called “Showdown,” which is the game’s take on a Battle Royale consisting of only four teams of two players. The second mode, named “Battle Zone,” is the game’s Battle Arena mode, where players need to reach 100 points in order to win with two teams of four players. The objective of Battle Zone is to control an area of the map for as long as possible, somewhat similar to Call of Duty’s Hardpoint game mode.

Players get to pick their heroes’ own weapons, abilities, and skills, with a player being able to pick three individual “Wonders” that can be mixed and matched. Weapons are not your typical assault rifles and submachine guns though. Weapons include the likes of a Deck of Cards, Fireworks, Hammers, Sticks, and Paintguns that will deal damage to your enemies. You also get to pick other unique abilities and skills too, including the likes of Icarus Wings that allow to you jump and fly in the air.

Ubisoft has seemingly promised that Project Q will not involve NFTs of any kind. “We don’t have plans to add NFTs to this game, you can find out more by registering and taking part in the upcoming tests,” the publisher said in a tweet. Gamers who want to stay up to date with Project Q can sign up for updates here.

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