NVIDIA: We Don’t Release “Sub-Par Beta Drivers” with “Minimal Testing”

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In what some have perceived to be a knock against AMD and Intel’s respective efforts, NVIDIA has stated that it doesn’t release “sub-par beta drivers” with “minimal testing.” The statement was made by technical marketer Andrew Burnes, who shared an article today explaining how GeForce Game Ready Drivers deliver the best experience for PC games by going through a painstaking process that involves numerous tests and the use of special tools like NVIDIA NSIGHT Graphics, which allows developers and engineers to achieve greater optimizations. Green team has boasted that its Game Ready Driver testing process involves over 1,000 different tests.

“NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver teams act as an extension to our own internal teams to help better optimize our games and maximize compatibility across a ton of PC configurations, giving GeForce players a better, more reliable experience,” said Nicolas Rioux, Global Deputy VP of Production Technology at Ubisoft, highlighting NVIDIA’s tightly knit relationship with some of the world’s biggest publishers and developers.

How GeForce Game Ready Drivers Deliver The Best Experience For Your Favorite Games (NVIDIA)

In a single day, NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver testing process involves over 1,000 different tests across a wide variety of launched and upcoming titles. This amounts to over 1.8 million hours of testing in 2021 alone. To put this in context, that’s over 214 calendar years invested into Game Ready Driver quality in a single year! And if necessary, engineers will jump in and debug specific issues and edge cases, ensuring complete coverage.

Only once all this work is completed do we launch the driver via GeForce.com and GeForce Experience. And because the Game Ready Driver Program and our promise of quality relies on all of this work, we don’t release sub-par beta drivers with minimal testing, let alone multiple conflicting beta drivers forked from different development branches that support different games and products, which confuse customers.

The complete end-to-end Game Ready Driver process requires hundreds of employees, affects every aspect of a GeForce driver’s development, and is tightly integrated with each game’s internal milestones, so we can ensure your day-0 experience in each listed game is excellent.

NVIDIA’s article complements its latest GeForce Game Ready driver, which released today with support for a handful of games, including Dune: Spice Wars and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. The 512.59 WHQL driver also includes support for three new G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors and new Optimal Playable Settings for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, Ghostwire: Tokyo, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and more.

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