Samsung’s New Portable SSD Can Survive a 10-Foot Drop

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Samsung has announced a new portable SSD called the T7 Shield. Among the highlights of the credit-card-sized external storage device is its purported durability; the South Korean electronics giant has promised that the T7 Shield is capable of surviving drops of up to three meters. IP65 certification also means that the it should also do a fine job of withstanding water and dust.

“The T7 Shield is ideal for creative professionals and consumers who want a durable, high-performance and reliable portable SSD. It provides the assurance that data will remain safeguarded, even if it’s dropped, exposed to water, or used outdoors,” said Jim Kiczek, Vice President of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “The T7 Shield offers extensive compatibility, enabling consumers to use it with multiple devices including PCs, android smartphones, or game consoles.”

Samsung’s Rugged T7 Shield Portable SSD Offers Durability and Fast, Sustained Performance for Creative Professionals and Consumers On the Go (Samsung Newsroom)

The T7 Shield delivers a read speed of 1,050 megabytes per second (MB/s) and a write speed of 1,000 MB/s, which are the fastest transfer speeds currently available based on the USB 3.2 Gen2 standard. It is approximately twice as fast as its predecessor, the T5, and up to 9.5 times faster than external hard disk drives (HDDs), saving consumers, digital creators and professionals valuable time.

As performance degradation and overheating that can occur often when transferring large files, Samsung has optimized the inside and outside of T7 Shield to address these concerns, including incorporating innovations to the surface material and enhancements to software. As a result, there is no performance degradation even when files of 2TB are moved at once, and heat generation is minimized. With the T7 Shield, it is possible to transmit data stably without performance drop, even when performing data-heavy, continuous tasks such as high-quality video recording, editing, encoding and rendering. This alleviates concerns over inconsistent drive performance.

Samsung’s T7 Shield portable SSD is available worldwide starting today at an MSRP of $159.99 for the 1 TB version and $289.99 for the 2 TB version. Color options include beige, black, and blue, all of which come with a USB Type-C-to-C cable, a USB Type-C-to-A cable, and three-year limited warranty.

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