Justin Lin Steps Back as Director of Fast and Furious 10

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Justin Lin has decided to step away from the director’s chair for the tenth installment of Universal Pictures’ arguably over-lingering street-racer-turned-heist franchise, Fast X. Lin confirmed that he would no longer direct the film but would remain on the project as a producer in a statement shared on the official Fast & Furious Twitter account. Insiders believe that Lin, who’s credited with supporting the franchise with some of the series’ best chapters, including Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6, left the movie over creative differences.

“With the support of Universal, I have made the difficult decision to step back as director of FAST X, while remaining with the project as a producer,” Lin’s statement reads. “Over 10 years and five films, we have been able to shoot the best actors, the best stunts, and the best damn car chases. On a personal note, as the child of Asian immigrants, I am proud of helping to build the most diverse franchise in movie history. I will forever be grateful to the amazing cast, crew and studio for their support, and for welcoming me into the FAST family.”

Justin Lin Exiting As Director Of ‘Fast X’, Will Remain As Producer (Deadline)

Production had just begun on the 10th installment, and while the film will continue shooting some second unit footage, insiders say production will take a brief pause while execs and producers look to find Lin’s replacement. Sources added that a decision on his replacement should be made soon as conversations with some candidates already are under way.

The film has been dated for May 19, 2023, and insiders add that they do not expect to move from that date at this time.

Vin Diesel shared a video of himself with Lin just a few days ago on his official Instagram account. The director seemed like he didn’t really want to be there, giving off confused looks and weird vibes, almost as if he had been taken hostage. The video has already garnered nearly 2 million views.

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