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The latest rumors surrounding Bethesda’s next highly anticipated Elder Scrolls game have hit social media. According to SKULLZI, a leaker who’s been correct with their claims before, The Elder Scrolls VI will be set in Hammerfell, a region that was initially introduced in the first Elder Scrolls game (Arena) as the homeland of the Redguards, a race of humans.

The sixth mainline installment of the franchise is also said to have a targeted release date of 2025–2026, a political system, and, much unlike The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will lack dragons. Another reputable leaker, Xbox Era’s @Shpeshal_Nick, has corroborated SKULLZI’s rumors, claiming that most of these rumors align “almost perfectly” with what he’s heard.

SKULLZI also shared rumors on other Bethesda-related projects that are supposedly on the drawing board. They include remastered versions of Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, and while the exact titles don’t seem to be clear, Wasteland’s inXile is reportedly in charge of their development. A 4x Elder Scrolls game could also be in the works.

Another claim is that a reboot of id Software’s other classic FPS franchise, Quake, is in the works. This game will presumably follow in the footsteps of DOOM’s 2016 reboot, which reinvented the franchise with major changes such as melee finishers and a weapon upgrade system. Bethesda released an enhanced version of the original Quake last year.

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  1. I should probably go play the previous TES games as my first and only that I've ever played was Skyrim. I still occasionally load it up and goof around on it to this day.

    As soon as the real sequel or next actual installment of TES comes out, which I am assuming is the one rumored here, then I'll be a preorder, day one buyer.
  2. Wasn't this an open secret already that it will be set in Hammerfell?

    I really didn't enjoy Doom 2016 so a Quake reboot in the same vein is not exciting to me.

    As for remasters, no thanks. What they put out one more edition of Skyrim? And anything before Skyrim is too old for a remaster, those games would need a full remake.
  3. Yeah, I believe it when I see it. But, I've pretty much boycotted all Bethesda dev titles anyway, but, who knows? Maybe they could earn themselves back into my library.

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