AMD RDNA 3 GPUs Now Rumored with Reduced Core Counts

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AMD’s next flagship graphics card may not be as powerful as initial rumors had indicated, according to the latest from leaker Greymon55, who has resurfaced with new alleged numbers that seem to suggest those 92 TFLOPS claims from over the weekend may not be all that accurate. Greymon55 now claims that red team’s reining RDNA 3 GPU, the Navi 31, is now expected to ship with only 12,288 Stream Processors, a 20% reduction of what was previously rumored (15,360). Navi 32 and Navi 33 have been similarly downgraded.

AMD RDNA3 GPUs get new toned down specifications, Navi 31 with up to 12288 Stream Processors (VideoCardz)

Not 15360 Stream Processor but 12288 for Navi 31 GPU, the flagship processor of the upcoming RDNA3 series. This means that the 92 TFLOPS claim from a few days ago is either wrong, or there is something else that we do not know about yet.

The Navi 31 with 6 Shader Engines, 12 Shader Arrays and 48 Work Group Processors would ship with up to 12288 Stream Processors, that’s a reduction of 20% in core count compared to previously rumored 15360 cores. The same applies to Navi 32, which instead of 10240 cores would ship with 8192 Stream Processors. For the Navi 31 this means 4096 cores instead of 5192, but it should be noted that lower core count was mentioned by Greymon55 before.

Assuming that the new 12,288 core count is accurate, AMD’s flagship Radeon RX 7900 XT graphics card, which will almost assuredly be powered by the Navi 31 GPU, is more likely to feature 73 TFLOPs of FP32 performance rather than 92, assuming that speculation of the graphics card featuring a 3 GHz clock actually turns out to be true. AMD is expected to launch its first Radeon RX 7000 Series products later this year.

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