SCUF Gaming Announces Coca-Cola Custom Controllers, Headsets, and More

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SCUF Gaming has announced a limited-edition run of new peripherals designed in collaboration with one of the world’s top soft drink companies, Coca-Cola. The collection comprises SCUF Reflex Pros ($249.99), SCUF H1 headsets ($149.99), CORSAIR K65 keyboards ($129.99), and CORSAIR mouse pads ($59.99), all of which feature a predominately black and lilac color scheme inspired by Coca-Cola Creations’ Latest Beverage, Coca-Cola Byte. They are available for purchase beginning today at SCUF’s official webstore.

“We’re known for innovation and the power of connection that we bring to our products. This opportunity with Coca-Cola and the Byte collection offers our community uniquely designed products at the intersection of creativity, gaming and culture.” said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR. “We’re thrilled to partner with Coke on such an exciting launch and hope they enjoy these limited-edition items.”

“Coca-Cola Byte isn’t just the drink for gamers; it’s the drink for dreamers,” said Karen Schohan, Senior Licensing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company. “It’s meant to teleport you to a place filled with wonder – one with adventure, excitement, and possibilities. And, like gaming, the only thing that makes it taste sweeter is when it’s shared together. We hope you love these new Byte products as much as we do.”

SCUF Gaming Partners with Coca-Cola Creations to Release Limited Edition Controller and Headset (Corsair)

Designed in conjunction with the Coca-Cola Byte aesthetic, these limited-edition SCUF and CORSAIR products capture the metallic ethos of the original aluminum can while encapsulating the retro spirit and vintage feel associated with old-school gaming. Think 1980s Pac-Man with a modern pop.

The base colors are lilac and black, and there are unique design elements throughout the entire collection. For example, the pixelated pattern on the mouse pad is layered with light gray to add depth and dimension – a nod to 3D wireframes. The Coca-Cola logo is pixelated, deliberately oversized and is placed directly on the space bar of the K65 keyboard. There’s also an Easter egg hidden on the keyboard. (Hint: Look for the hot pink keys!)

Corsair purchased SCUF Gaming in December 2019 to bolster its existing peripherals portfolio with premium gaming controllers for PCs and consoles. SCUF’s most recent products include the SCUF Reflex, the first high-performance controllers created for the PlayStation 5, and the SCUF Instinct and Instinct Pro controllers for Xbox Series X|S. One of the biggest benefits of SCUF controllers is the inclusion of paddles on the back for additional input.

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