Microsoft Edge Reaches 10% Desktop Browser Market Share

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The popularity of Microsoft’s modern Chromium-based browser appears to be rising among desktop users. The latest statistics from StatCounter indicate that the app is now the second most-used desktop browser with a market share of 10%, followed by Safari and Firefox, whose percentages sit at 9.61% and 7.86%, respectively. Chrome remains king with a market share of over 66%.

Desktop Browser Market Share Worldwide, per StatCounter:

  • Google Chrome – 66.64% (-0.65)
  • Microsoft Edge – 10.07% (+0.42)
  • Apple Safari – 9.61% (+0.05)
  • Mozilla Firefox – 7.86% (+0.29)
  • Opera – 2.43% (-0.38)

StatCounter claims Microsoft Edge managed to gain 0.42 points and reach the magical 10.07%. Of course, it is still a far cry from Chrome with its massive 66.64% (-0.65), but enough for Edge to claim the “second most popular browser” title. Apple’s Safari holds third place in the desktop browser market with a 9.61% share (+0.05), and Firefox is fourth with 7.86% (+0.29). There are no major changes in the mobile browser market. Chrome and Safari hold together almost 90%, and other manufacturers made little to no progress in April 2022.

Source: StatCounter (via NeoWin)

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