The Day Before Delayed to Next Year, Now Being Developed on Unreal Engine 5

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The Day Before, FNTASTIC’s highly anticipated open-world survival MMO that looks to be a splendid blend of DayZ, The Last of Us, and The Division, will no longer be releasing this summer. Instead, the game has been pushed back to next year, the developers revealed in a new statement sent exclusively to IGN, one that notes the new release date as being March 1, 2023. The statement also reveals that The Day Before is now being developed on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, which is presumably the core reason for the delay.


Revealed exclusively with IGN, developer Fntastic has released a statement explaining that the game will shift to the advanced new engine, but also has to be delayed from its originally scheduled June 21 release.

The Day Before is a gritty open world MMO, aiming to mix survival gameplay with in-depth combat, vehicle gameplay, and even social elements inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing. Even before its switch to Unreal 5, the game was aiming for high-end visuals, having shown off a 4K raytracing trailer.

Source: IGN

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